Malte Brandy

Didactics of Mathematics
Mathematical Physics (Burkhard Kümmerer)


Our research area is quantum probability theory. My main focus lies on the classification of completely positive operators, but my academical interests include from a mathematical perspective the theory of

  • C*-, von Neumann- and Operator Algebras,
  • Completely Positive Operators,
  • Noncommutative Probability Theory

and from a physical perspective

  • Quantum Operations,
  • Entanglement,
  • Quantum Cryptography,
  • Quantum Computing.

I also have side interest in philosophy of quantum mechanics, Bayesian probability theory and category theory and its applications to functional programing.


I was responsible for the exercise classes of the following lectures:

  • Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians by Burkhard Kümmerer (winter term 2017/18)
  • Operator Algebraic Probability Theory by Burkhard Kümmerer (winter term 2018/19, together with Felix Voigt)
  • Mathematics in Context by Burkhard Kümmerer (summer term 2019)


I am the musical lead of the choir of our department. We are quite active with multiple performances per term, weekly rehearsals and over 50 active singers. Everyone is welcome! Learn more at