I am a research assistant of the Algebra group and a PhD student of Prof. Anna-Maria von Pippich. In addition, I am responsible for the coordination of the training of new student teaching assistants together with Nathalie Brandenburger.

My research interests are in the area of non-holomorphic modular forms, theta lifts and Kronecker limit formulas. In particular, my PhD thesis deals with the realization of hyperbolic and elliptic Eisenstein series as Borcherds lifts.


Kronecker limit formulas for parabolic, hyperbolic, and elliptic Eisenstein series via Borcherds products, with Anna-Maria von Pippich and Markus Schwagenscheidt, arXiv Preprint (2017). arXiv:1702.06507

Lifting newforms to vector valued modular forms for the Weil representation, with Markus Schwagenscheidt, Int. J. Number Theory 11, 2199 (2015). DOI:10.1142/S1793042115500980


Term Course Lecturer
Summer 2018 Linear Algebra II Prof. Wedhorn
Winter 2017/18 Geometry for Teachers Prof. Große-Brauckmann
Summer 2017 No teaching
Winter 2016/17 No teaching
Summer 2016 Linear Algebra II for Physics Dr. René Bartsch
Winter 2015/16 Geometry for Teachers Prof. von Pippich
Summer 2015 Calculus II for Engineers Prof. Haller-Dintelmann
Winter 2014/15 Geometry for Teachers Prof. von Pippich
Summer 2014 Algebraic Number Theory Prof. von Pippich
Winter 2013/14 No teaching


Dissertation Realizing Hyperbolic and Elliptic Eisenstein Series as Regularized Theta Lifts supervised by Prof. Anna-Maria von Pippich, TU Darmstadt, 2018.

Master's thesis Vector valued lifts of newforms supervised by Prof. Jan H. Bruinier, TU Darmstadt, 2013. pdf

Master's thesis A trace formula for Hecke operators for modular groups supervised by Prof. David Loeffler, University of Warwick, 2012. pdf

Bachelor's thesis Kernbasierte Gewinnaufteilungen balancierter kooperativer n-Personen Spiele supervised by Prof. Werner Krabs, TU Darmstadt, 2011. pdf

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for the course Algebraische Zahlentheorie given by Prof. Nils Scheithauer at the TU Darmstadt in the summer 2012. pdf

Lecture notes for the course Modular Forms given by Prof. David Loeffler at the University of Warwick in the winter 2011. pdf


Co-organiser (with Anna-Maria von Pippich) of the Student Summer Schools “Faszination Mathematik” in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Former organiser of the What Is Seminar – a seminar organised by and aimed at graduate students to give you the opportunity to enhance your general mathematical knowledge in a casual atmosphere.

Co-organiser (with Claudia Alfes-Neumann) of the Student Conference on Automorphic Forms and Eisenstein Series at the TU Darmstadt in September 2014.