Patrick Bieker M.Sc.

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work +49 6151 16-21489

Work S2|15 312
Schlossgartenstraße 7
64289 Darmstadt

I am a research assistant of the algebra group and a PhD student of Prof. Timo Richarz. I am interested in the Langlands programme and in particular in the geometry of moduli spaces of shtukas and affine Grassmannians.


Integral models of moduli spaces of shtukas with deep Bruhat-Tits level structures, preprint, August 2022, [arxiv]

Compactification of Level Maps of Moduli Spaces of Drinfeld Shtukas, preprint, May 2022, [arxiv]

Invariants for the Weil representation and Modular Units for Orthogonal Groups of Signature (2,2) , preprint, August 2021, [arxiv]

Other publications

The Hecke algebra and Hecke category, Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Geometric Representation Theory, Oberwolfach Reports 18, 2022, [Link]

Universally locally acyclic sheaves, Workshop on the Geometric Satake Equivalence after Fargues-Scholze, Clermont Ferrand, 2022, [Link]


Term Course Lecturer
Summer 2022 Introduction to Algebra Prof. Wedhorn
Winter 21/22 Linear Algebra I Prof. Otto
Summer 2021 Introduction to Algebra Prof. Richarz
Winter 20/21 Ordinary Differential Equations PD Dr. Schmidt
Summer 2020 Topology Prof. Wedhorn
Analysis II Prof. Bruinier
Winter 19/20 Linear Algebra I Dr. Eickmeyer
Summer 2019 Weil Conjectures Prof. Richarz

Other Activities

I organise the What is …? -seminar. The seminar takes place weekly during the lecture period before the colloquia and provide a student-oriented insight into the research topic of the colloquium lecture.