Gender Equality Officer

The Gender Equality Officer in the Department of Mathematics is an honorary position supporting TU Darmstadt’s Gender Equality Officer, Dr Uta Zybell.

What we do:

  • Advisory member of Departmental Council
  • Advisory member of committees and commissions
  • Member of the Women’s Advancement Funds Commission
  • Advisory member of professorial appointments committees
  • Advisory participation in appointments procedures
  • Dissemination of information about events for women in all status groups in the department
  • Organisation of the lecture series “Maths today, tomorrow…?”
  • Organisation of girls’ taster days in the department

To apply for women’s advancement funds and for any other related matters, please contact:


  • This semester there will be another series of “Maths today, tomorrow …?” Click here for additional information.
  • Support for students and doctoral candidates with children. Professor Sorin Huss Fund subsidises child care: Apply now!


  • for female students
  • for female doctoral candidates
  • for female postdocs

You can find more information and notices on the noticeboard of the “Gender Equality Officer” on the second floor (to the right of the lifts).