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Zuvor findet um 16:45 Uhr die Teerunde in Raum 244 des Mathematikgebäudes (S2|15) Schlossgartenstr. 7, statt.

Antrittsvorlesung von PD Dr. Cornelia Wichelhaus, TUD 

zu 1. In this talk we present an overview over statistical problems for stochastic networks and address solved and open challenges. Stochastic networks are interacting systems of nodes between which customers move in order to receive service. Typical application fields for these stochastic models are computer and communication systems, logistics and supply chain networks as well as models from the neuroscience, social migration systems and traffic and public transport systems. In the applications there are usually processes or parameters which cannot be observed, thus, there is great interest in statistical inference for system characteristics depending on incomplete information of the stochastic systems, like for example idle and busy periods, the workload processes or sequences of the arrival and departure epochs of customers. The underlying stochastic processes do not follow an iid scheme in general due to the mutual dependencies in the system. New statistical methods have to be derived.

Antrittsvorlesung  von PD Dr. Kord Eickmeyer, TUD

zu 2. For first-order logic it is well known that relational structures uniformly drawn at random satisfy a given sentence with probability tending to zero or one as the structures get larger. We review recent results on zero-one laws for monadic second-order logic on strings (finite and infinite) and trees and sketch some current lines of research.


30. November 2022, 17:15-19:00


Uhrturmhörsaal der Physik
Hochschulstr. 4
64289 Darmstadt


FB Mathematik




Mathematisches Kolloquium, Mathematik, Numerik, Logic, Stochastik