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Prof. Dr. Linda Westrick (Pennsylvania State University)

A function f:R->R has Luzin's property (N) if f(A) has Lebesgue measure 0 for every set A of Lebesgue measure 0. We give a new characterization of this old property in terms of higher randomness. A computable f has Luzin's (N) if and only if it satisfies the following pointwise condition: for all reals x, if f(x) is Pi^1_1-randomthen so is x. Here an individual real x is called Pi^1_1-random if it is not contained in any computably describable co-analytic set of measure 0. All these notions will be defined in the talk without assuming any prior knowledge of them. Joint work with Arno PAULY and YU Liang.

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08. Dezember 2021, 17:15-19:00




FB Mathematik, AG Numerik und wissenschaftliches Rechnen


Prof. Dr. Jan Giesselmann




Mathematisches Kolloquium, Mathematik, Numerik