LOEWE: Preprints



Preprint 16/2019
The Manin constant and the modular degree
Kestutis Cesnavicius, Michael Neururer, Abhishek Saha

Preprint 15/2019
On a Conjecture of Yui and Zagier
Yingkun Li, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 14/2019
Tropical double ramification loci
Martin Ulirsch, Dmitry Zakharov

Preprint 13/2019
The motivic Satake equivalen
Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Preprint 12/2019
Normality and Cohen-Macaulayness of parahoric local models
Thomas J. Haines, Timo Richarz

Preprint 11/2019
The intersection motive of the moduli stack of Shtukas
Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Preprint 10/2019
Graded rings of paramodular forms of levels 5 and 7
Brandon Williams

Preprint 9/2019
Twisted component sums of vector-valued modular forms
Markus Schwagenscheidt, Brandon Williams

Preprint 8/2019
Divisorial motivic zeta functions for marked stable curves
Madeline Brandt, Martin Ulirsch

Preprint 7/2019
Strongly semistable reduction of syzygy bundles on plane curves
Marvin Anas Hahn, Annette Werner

Preprint 6/2019
Concave transforms of filtrations and rationality of Seshadri constants
Alex Küronya, Catriona Maclean, Joaquim Roé

Preprint 5/2019
Bounded volume denominators and bounded negativity
Thomas Bauer, Brian Harbourne, Alex Küronya, Matthias Nickel

Preprint 4/2019
Masur-Veech volume of the gothic locus
David Torres-Teigell

Preprint 3/2019
Masur-Veech volumes and intersection theory on moduli spaces of abelian differentials
Dawei Chen, Martin Möller, Adrien Sauvaget, Don Zagier

Preprint 2/2019
Abelian tropical covers
Yoav Len, Martin Ulirsch, Dmitry Zakharov

Preprint 1/2019
Skeletons of Prym varieties and Brill--Noether theory
Yoav Len, Martin Ulirsch


Preprint 24/2018
Higher syzygies on surfaces with numerically trivial canonical bundle
Daniele Agostini, Alex Küronya, Victor Lozovanu

Preprint 23/2018
Reflective automorphic forms on lattices of squarefree level
Moritz Dittmann

Preprint 22/2018
Regularized inner products of meromorphic modular forms and higher Green’s functions
Kathrin Bringmann, Ben Kane, Anna-Maria von Pippich

Preprint 21/2018
A Jensen–Rohrlich type formula for the hyperbolic 3-space
Sebastián Herrero, Özlem Imamoğlu, Anna-Maria von Pippich, Árpád Tóth

Preprint 20/2018
Tautological rings of Shimura varieties and cycle classes of Ekedahl-Oort strata
Torsten Wedhorn, Paul Ziegler

Preprint 19/2018
Symmetric powers of algebraic and tropical curves: a non-Archimedean perspective
Madeline Brandt, Martin Ulirsch

Preprint 18/2018
Effective global generation on varieties with numerically trivial canonical class
Alex Küronya, Yusuf Mustopa

Preprint 17/2018
Infinite series of quaternionic 1-vertex cube complexes, the doubling construction, and explicit cubical Ramanujan complexes
Nithi Rungtanapirom, Jakob Stix, Alina Vdovina

Preprint 16/2018
Pillowcase covers: Counting Feynman-like graphs associated with quadratic differentials
Elise Goujard, Martin Möller

Preprint 15/2018
Singular Units and Isogenies Between CM Elliptic Curves
Yingkun Li

Preprint 14/2018
Average CM-values of Higher Green's Function and Factorization
Yinkung Li

Preprint 13/2018
Computing antisymmetric modular forms and theta lifts
Brandon Williams

Preprint 12/2018
The rings of Hilbert modular forms for Q(sqrt29) and Q(sqrt37)
Brandon Williams

Preprint 11/2018
Remarks on the theta decomposition of vector-valued Jacobi forms
Brandon Williams

Preprint 10/2018
Mock modular forms whose shadows are Eisenstein series of integral weight
Sebastián Herrero, Anna-Maria von Pippich

Preprint 9/2018
A magnetic modular form
Yingkun Li, Michael Neururer

8/2018; Proceedings ICM 2018, Rio de Janeiro
Geometry of Teichmüller Curves
Martin Möller

Preprint 7/2018
Euler characteristics of Gothic Teichmüller curves
Martin Möller, David Torres-Teigell

Preprint 6/2018
An explicit construction of non-tempered cusp forms on O(1,8n+1)
Yingkun Li, Hiro-aki Narita, Ameya Pitale

Preprint 5/2018
A converse theorem for Borcherds products on X_0(N)
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 4/2018
Fourier expansions at cusps
François Brunault, Michael Neururer

Preprint 3/2018
Mahler measures of elliptic modular surfaces
François Brunault, Michael Neururer

Preprint 2/2018
Dimension Formulae in Genus Zero and Uniqueness of Vertex Operator Algebras
Jethro van Ekeren, Sven Möller, Nils R. Scheithauer

Preprint 1/2018
Arithmetic degrees of special cycles and derivatives of Siegel Eisenstein series
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 2/2017
Modularity of generating series of winding numbers
Jan H. Bruinier, Jens Funke, Özlem Imamoglu, Yingkun Li

Preprint 1/2017
Realizability of tropical canonical divisors
Martin Möller, Martin Ulirsch, Annette Werner