LOEWE: Guests


Winter Semester 2019

Name of Guest University Host University Date of Visit Title of Talk
Giulio Bresciani FU Berlin Frankfurt 23.10. – 24.10.2019 On the (birational) section conjecture over finitely generated fields
Sam Payne University of Texas, Austin, USA Frankfurt 31.10.2019 TGiF-Tropical Geometry in Frankfurt – First meeting in Winter Semester
Enrica Mazzon Max-Planck-Institute Bonn Frankfurt 30.10. – 1.11.2019 TGiF-Tropical Geometry in Frankfurt – First meeting in Winter Semester
Christoph Goldner Universität Tübingen Frankfurt 31.10.2019 TGiF-Tropical Geometry in Frankfurt – First meeting in Winter Semester
Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula IISER Tirupati, India Darmstadt 20.11.-14.12.2019 Estimates of holomorphic cusp forms associated to co-compact arithmetic subgroups
Mirko Mauri MPI Bonn Frankfurt 04.12.2019 Dual complexes of log Calabi-Yau pairs and Mori fibre spaces
Chiara Damiolini Princeton University, USA Frankfurt 18.12.2019 Conformal blocks defined by modules over vertex algebras of CohFT-type
Mariá Angélica Cueto Ohio State University, USA Frankfurt 19.12.2019 Anticanonical tropical del Pezzo cubic surfaces contain exactly 27 lines.
Yusuf Mustopa Tufts University, USA Frankfurt 13.01. – 17.01.2020  
Lars Kühne Universität Basel, Switzerland Frankfurt 22.01. – 24.01.2020  
Diane Maclagan University of Warwick, UK Frankfurt 24.01.2020  
Oliver Lorscheid IMPA/MPI Bonn Frankfurt 24.01.2020  
Karl Christ Bar-Ilan University, Israel Frankfurt 24.01.2020  
Cecília Salgado MPI Bonn / Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Frankfurt 06.02.2020  
Summer Semester 2019
Name of Guest University Host University Date of Visit Title of Talk
Stephen Kudla University of Toronto, Canada Darmstadt 01.-30.04.2019  
Gabino González-Diaz Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain Frankfurt 03.04.2019 Galois action on Riemann surfaces and their associated solenoids
Robert Osburn University College Dublin, Ireland Darmstadt 23.04.2019 Generalized Kontsevich-Zagier series via knots
Dimitri Wyss Université Paris 6, France Darmstadt 11.-15.05.2019 Non-Archimedean integrals on the Hitchin Fibration
Mark Feldmann Universität Münster Darmstadt 20.-21.05.2019  
Alexander Betts MPIM Bonn Frankfurt 22.05.2019 Non-abelian Kummer maps for curves
Irene Bouw Universität Ulm Darmstadt 29.05.2019 Computing arithmetic invariants via reduction
Lucia Mocz Universität Bonn Frankfurt 06.06.2019 A New Northcott Property for Faltings Height
Margarida Melo Università degli studi Roma Tre, Italy Frankfurt 06.-08.06.2019 Combinatorics and moduli of line bundles on stable curves.
Farbod Shokrieh University of Copenhagen, Denmark Frankfurt 06.-08.06.2019 Heights and moments of abelian varieties
Philipp Jell Universität Regensburg Frankfurt 07.06.2019 The tropical Hodge conjecture for divisors
Hanieh Keneshlou Max-Planck-Institut Leipzig Frankfurt 05.-07.06.2019 Moduli of 6-gonal genus 11 curves with several pencils
Samouil Molcho Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Frankfurt 11.-12.06.2019 The Logarithmic Picard Group and its Tropicalization
Katherine E. Stange
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA Frankfurt 22.-27.06.2019 An illustration in number theory: abelian sandpiles and Schmidt arrangements
Jonathan Wise University of Colorado, Boulder Frankfurt 22.-27.06.2019 Complete moduli of line bundles and divisors
Paul Ziegler University of Oxford, UK Darmstadt 23.-26.06.2019  
Madeline Brandt UC Berkeley, USA Frankfurt 30.06.-06.07.2019 Matroids and their Dressians
Andrew Corbett University Exeter, UK Darmstadt 24.-27.06.2019 Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms: p-adic analysis and arithmetic at the cusps
Sven Möller Rutgers University, USA Darmstadt 01.-10.07.2019  
Kęstutis Česnavičius Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France Darmstadt 02.-04.07.2019 Purity for the Brauer group of singular schemes
Dhruv Ranganathan University of Cambridge, UK Frankfurt 04.-08.07.2019 Tropical curves, stable maps, and singularities in genus one
Yoav Len Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Frankfurt 04.-09.07.2019 Algebraic and Tropical Prym varieties
Robert Little Oxford University, UK Darmstadt 07.-10.07.2019 A Geometric Theta Correspondence for Picard Modular Surfaces
Dmitry Zakharov Central Michigan University, USA Frankfurt 14.-20.07.2019 Covers of algebraic curves and graphs with a finite group action
John Millson University of Maryland , USA Darmstadt 15.-23.09.2019 Holomorphic forms on quotients of hermitian locally symmetric spaces and generalized special cycles
Shaul Zemel Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Darmstadt 17.-22.09.2019 Heegner divisors on toroidal compactifications of orthogonal Shimura varieties
Jens Funke University of Durham, UK Darmstadt 16.-23.09.2019 The construction of Green currents and singular theta lifts for unitary groups
Siegfried Böcherer Universität Mannheim Darmstadt 16.-20.09.2019 On paramodular forms of arbitrary degree
Soumya Das Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Darmstadt 17.-20.09.2019 Fundamental Fourier coefficients of Siegel modular forms
Winter Semester 2018/19
Name of Guest University Host University Date of Visit Title of Talk
Bossinger, Lara Max Planck Institut, Leipzig Frankfurt 15.-17.10.2018  
Roe, Joaquim Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona Frankfurt 22.-26.10.2018  
Elsholtz, Christian Universität Graz, Österreich Darmstadt 30./31.10.2018 Applications of sieve methods
Shaw, Kristin Universität Oslo Frankfurt 05.-07.11.2018 Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of matroids
Funke, Jens University of Durham U.K. Darmstadt 05.-11.11.2018  
Fiebig, Peter Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen Darmstadt 14./15.11.2018 Darstellungstheorie in positiver Charakteristik
Habegger, Philipp Universität Basel Frankfurt 21./22.11.2018 On the Bogomolov Conjecture over Function Fields in Characteristic 0
Mocanu, Andreea University of Nottingham U.K. Darmstadt 26./27.11.2018 Newform theory from Jacobi forms of lattice index
Rettenmayr, Stephan Universität Bonn Frankfurt 29.11.2018 Mumford-Tate-Gruppen und Breuil-Kisin-Moduln
Haowu Wang Université Lille Darmstadt 17.-19.12.2018 Non-existence of reflective modular forms
Sustretov, Dmitry HSE Moskau Frankfurt 16./17.01.2019 Gromov-Hausdorff limits of curves with flat metrics and
non-Archimedean geometry
Goren, Eyal McGill University,
Darmstadt 11./12.01.2019 P-adic dynmicas of Hecke operators
Heinloth, Jochen FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg Darmstadt 06./07.02.2019 Hitchin's fibration: From integrable systems to number theory
Walter, Lena Freie Universität Berlin Frankfurt 20.-22.02.2019 Projektarbeit
Haase, Christian Freie Universität Berlin Frankfurt 20.-22.02.2019 Projektarbeit
Daniel, Jeremy Université de Lorraine, Metz Frankfurt 18.-22.03.2019 Projektarbeit
Martin-Baillon, Florestan Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Paris Frankfurt 18.-22.03.2019 Projektarbeit
Summer Semester 2018
Name of Guest University Host University Date of Visit Title of Talk
Ehlen, Stephan Universität zu Köln Darmstadt 12.-14.03.2018  
Lozovanu, Victor Leibniz Universität Hannover Frankfurt 23.04.2018  
Lentner, Simon Universität Hamburg Darmstadt 15.05.-16.05.2018 Non-Semisimple Modular Tensor Categories
Schwagenscheidt, Markus Universität zu Köln Darmstadt 16.-18.05.2018  
Yang, Tonghai University of Wisconsin, USA Darmstadt 18.-25.05.2018 Mini-Workshop “Generating series of special cycles”
Ehlen, Stephan Universität zu Köln Darmstadt 21.05.-25.05.2018 Mini-Workshop “Generating series of special cycles”
Sertöz, Emre Max-Planck-Institut MiS, Leipzig Frankfurt 23.05.-24.05.2018 Computing and using periods of hypersurfaces
Frey, Linda Universität Basel Darmstadt 19.06.2018 Explicit Small Height Bound for $\mathds{Q} (E_\text{tor})$
Angelo Lopez Roma Tre University, Italien Frankfurt 24.06.-29.06.2018 Extremal cycles and diagonals in symmetric product of curves
Pop, Florian UPenn, Philadelphia, USA Frankfurt 20.06.-22.06.2018 Recovering canonical inertia generators
Zakharov, Dmitry

Central Michigan University, USA Frankfurt
The double ramification cycle, relations in the tautological ring, and tropical geometry
Tom Oliver Oxford University, U.K. Darmstadt 02.-05.07.2018 Order an cancellatopn of zeros for automorphic L-functions
Patrick Holzer   Darmstadt 03.07.2018 Recovering short generators of principal fractional ideals in cyclotomic fields of conductor
Quentin Gendron Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Frankfurt 12.09.2018  
Winter Semester 2017/18

Name of Guest


Host University

Date of Visit

Title of Talk
Hoshi, Yuichiro Kyoto University, Japan Frankfurt 26.10.-17.11.2017 On torsion points on a curve with good reduction over an absolutely unramified base
Hübner, Katharina   Universität Heidelberg Frankfurt 30.11.2017 The tame site
Funke, Jens University of Durham U.K. Darmstadt 08.01.-12.01.2018  
Alfes-Neumann, Claudia Universität Paderborn Darmstadt 09.01.2018 Shintani lifts of harmonic Maass forms
Lonjou, Anne Universität Basel Frankfurt 21.01.-24.01.2018  
Ehlen, Stephan Universität zu Köln Darmstadt 24.-27.01.2018  
Kudla, Stephen University of Toronto, Kanada Darmstadt 31.01.-04.02. Arithmetic theta series
Wanner, Veronika Universität Regensburg Frankfurt 01.02.-02.02.2018 Subharmonic functions on non-archimedean curve
Zagier, Don MPIM Bonn Darmstadt 02.-03.02.2018 Modular forms and mock modular forms in physics.
Bachmann, Henrik Nagoya Uni, Japan Darmstadt 06.02.2018 Multiple harmonic q-series at roots of unity and their connection to finite & symmetrized multiple zeta values
Carlson, Magnus KTH, Schweden Frankfurt 06.02.-08.02.2018 Cohomology rings of number fields and applications
Brandt, Madeline University of California, USA Frankfurt 08.02.-09.02.2018 Tropical Superelliptic Curves
Maculan, Marco Institut Mathématics de Jussieu, Frankreich Frankfurt 08.02.-09.02.2018 Stein spaces in non-archimedean geometry
Kühne, Lars Universität Basel Frankfurt 14.02.-16.02.2018  
Möller, Sven Rutgers University, USA Darmstadt 18.02.-23.02.2018 Cyclic Orbifolds of the Leech Lattice Vertex Operator Algebra
Zemel, Shaul Hebrew University, Israel Darmstadt 05.-12.03.2018  
Ehlen, Stephan Universität zu Köln Darmstadt 12.-14.03.2018  
Ziegler, Paul University of Oxford, UK Darmstadt 22.03.-23.03.2018