Winter Seminar 2018

Winter Seminar 2018 of the Darmstadt Algebra Group

February 18-25 in Manigod, France

Organizers: Jan Bruinier, Anna von Pippich, Maximilian Rössler, Nils Scheithauer and Torsten Wedhorn.


The program (schedule and abstracts of the talks) can be found here.

There are also slides and notes of some of the talks: Alfes-Neumann, Bruinier, Henkel, Hesse, Kiefer, S. Möller, Neururer, Völz.


Guests: Claudia Alfes-Neumann, Martin Möller, Sven Möller, Jonathan Zachhuber.

From Darmstadt: Jan Bruinier, Johannes Buck, Moritz Dittmann, Timo Henkel, Jens Hesse, Paul Kiefer, Michalis Neururer, Maximilian Rössler, Nils Scheithauer, Thomas Spittler, Fabian Völz, Torsten Wedhorn.


Everyone will have a room in the Chalet Giersch, Manigod, France. Professors will sleep in single rooms, postdocs and PhD students in double or triple rooms.

Bed linen are provided by the house. You have to bring your own towels. (Keep in mind that there is a sauna, so you might want to bring an extra towel.)