Martin Ziegler (Prof. Dr.)

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Foundations of Real Computing: Complexity in Computational Mathematics and Physics
+ Topic mongering/Cargo cults vs. sustainability in science

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Many, many interesting theses have been completed under my supervision; further topics are available on request.
(Prospective) students may consider advice by the late Greg Hjorth and the later Gian-Carlo Rota as well as Jorge Cham's and Scott Adams' famous online comic series.



Miscellaneous: "I am a Vulcan, I have no ego to bruise." (Spock)         "To be rather than to seem" (Aeschylus)         Meritocracy.
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A good definition is worth hundreds of theorems!
My purpose of mathematics somewhat resembles that of J.A. Makowsky but by no means will I compare myself to Peter Higgs;
I recommend also considering 5 principles of scientific ethos, 10 locations for doing mathematics and this suggested reform of the peer-review system and on granting tenure.
Mathematics, and particularly logic, trains clear thought and scepticism, thus helping to avoid obvious fraud and developing a sense of responsibility of science and technology.
I play Cello and Organ. I am opposed to everyhing phony
and I am worried about the level (and style) of education of prospective school teachers (i.e. 'multipliers') and the erosion of scientific depth in Germany.
Eine Alternative zu LEO als Wörterbuch für ganze Ausdrücke bzw. Worte im Kontext hat mein ehemaliger Kollege entwickelt.
Memento mori: Alwin Bernhart-Mader, Gabriel Tern Martinez, Martin Ozimek Thorsten Hampel, Ulrike Claudia Ziegler, Horst Ziegler, Werner Krandick. Bring it on, fate: What's your next move?

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