Professor Martin Otto
Logic Group
Depratment of Mathematics
TU Darmstadt

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Some Talks:

The Freedoms of Guarded Bisimulation
Invited talk, Computer Science Logic, Bergen 2011.

Tractable Finite Models
Invited talk, Logic Colloquium, Barcelona 2011.

Expressive Completeness
Invited talk, Advances in Modal Logic 2010, Moscow 2010.

Highly Acyclic Groups, Hyergraph Covers and GF
LICS 2010, Edinburgh 2010.

Diagonalen, die den Rahmen sprengen
Begleitprogramm zur hessischen Mathe-Olympiade 2010, TU Darmstadt 2010.

Methods For Deciding Boundedness of Least Fixed Points
Fachgruppentreffen Logik in der Informatik, Frankfurt 2009;
and (edited) Computer Laboratory, Oxford 2009.

Bisimulation Invariance over Transitive Frames
IMCS workshop on Logic and Algorithms, Edinburgh, July 2008.

Model Theoretic Tools for Deciding Boundedness of Fixed Points
Cambridge, October 2007.

Bisimulation Invariance over Special Classes of Frames
Oxford, November 2007.

Games and Fragments of FO over Special Classes of (Finite) Structures
mini-course at MATHLOGAPS summer school
, Aussois, France, June 2007.

Boundedness in Universal First-Order Logic
LICS 2006, Seattle.

Model Theoretic Methods for Special Classes of (Finite) Structures
4 lecture tutorial, Newton Institute Programme on Logic and Algorithms 2006,
Workshop on Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory , Durham, 2006.

Modal Characterisation Theorems over Special Classes of Frames
LICS 2005, Chicago.

Logik und Spiele
Mathematisches Kolloquium TU Darmstadt, February 2004 (in German).

Bisimulation Invariance and Instances of Expressive Completeness
Invited talk, 12th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, LMPS, Oviedo, 2003.

Extensions of Partial Automorphisms; Hypergraphs and Guarded Logics
Invited talk, Euresco Conference on Symmetries, Ordered Structures, Model Theory and Combinatorics, Hattingen, 2003.

Invariances, Games, Models, and (Finite) Model Theory in Tractable Fragments of FO
Invited talk, Colloquium Logicum, Muenster, August 02 (in conjunction with the ASL European Summer Meeting).

For earlier versions presented at Darmstadt and Leeds (December 01), Edinburgh and London (May 02), and Amsterdam (June 02) see edited slides Bisimulation, Unravellings, and Covers

Logics - Invariances - Games : domain specific algorithmic model theory
Survey talk, held at the University of Edinburgh, April 01,
largely superseding the following:

Issues in Algorithimic Model Theory for Specific Domains
Invited talk, FLOC Workshop on FMT and its Applications, Trento, July 99.

On Guarded Logics
Invited talk, British Logic Colloquium 2000, UEA Norwich, September 00.

Finite Model Theory
Invited survey talk, Dagstuhl workshop on Finite Model Theory, Databases, and Computer-Aided Verification, October 99.

Boundedness in Fragments of First-Order Logic
Talk held at TU Darmstadt, June 99.

Decision Problems for Two-Variable Logics
Talk held at ULB Bruxelles, June 99.