Monday, June 16
13:50Arthur WerschulzTractability of multivariate approximation over weighted unanchored Sobolev space: Smoothness sometimes hurts
14:40 Michael GnewuchGeneralized Tractability of Linear Tensor Product Problems -The Unrestricted Setting
16:00 Josef Dick Higher order quasi-Monte Carlo rules   SEMI-PLENARY
16:50Christoph AistleitnerPseudorandom numbers, discrepancy and the well-distribution measure
17:40Peter Kritzer On the construction of small point sets with low star discrepancy

Please observe the following change in the program. Stefan Heinrich will present his talk on Randomized Approximation of Sobolev Embeddin gs and Complexity of Elliptic PDE
in Workshop B7 (Stochastic C omputing) on June 20, 16:50-17:35

Tuesday, June 17
13:50Markus HeglandOn the numerical estimation of probability densities by the maximum a posteriori method and Gaussian process priors
14:40Thomas KühnSome new entropy estimates in sequence and function spaces
16:00Leszek PlaskotaIf adaption can be used then singularities do not hurt for weighted approximation over R
16:50Erich NovakOptimal approximation of functions from a Hilbert space in L2  SEMI-PLENARY
17:40Jan VybiralOn approximation widhts in function spaces

Wednesday, June 18
13:50Frances KuoRandomly-shifted lattice rules can achieve the optimal rate of convergence for unbounded integrands
14:40Dirk NuyensPolynomial copy rules in Walsh spaces
16:00Grzegorz W. WasilkowskiNew averaging technique for approximating weighted integrals
16:50Reinhold SchneiderComplexity of the electronic Schrödinger equation - theory and practise
17:40Fred J. HickernellEvaluating Expectations of Functionals of Brownian Motions When the Cost of Functional Evaluation Depends on the Dimension  SEMI-PLENARY