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Algebra and Probability in Many-Valued Logics

International Workshop on Logical and Algebraic aspects of Many-Valued Reasoning

Technische Universität Darmstadt, May 7-9, 2009, Darmstadt, Germany

Travel and accommodation


The conference will take place at Bockshaut Hotel, Kirchstraße 7-9, Darmstadt. The hotel is located in the city center. One can find detailed informations on how to reach Darmstadt and the conference location on the hotel website.

Useful links


We list some hotels and other accommodations in Darmstadt, all within walking distance from the conference venue.

Please book the rooms directly at the hotels, asking for special TU (Technische Universität) prices. A number of rooms is reserved for the period May 6-10, but you have to book them before the specified date.

For any kind of problems, please contact the organizers.