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Previous Talks (the list is not exhaustive)

Felix Canavoi , 1. of Jun 2017: Introduction to modal characterisation theorems

Thomas Powell, 18. of May 2017: Basic Domain Theory

Jonathan Weinberger, 27. of Apr 2017: Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory.

Florian Steinberg, 6. of Apr 2017: A counterexample.

Julian Bitterlich, 23. of Mar 2017: Something about covers?

Jonathan Weinberger, 9. of Mar 2017:

Felix Canavoi, 23. of Feb 2017:

Makoto Fujiwara, 16. of Feb 2017: Weak logical principles and bar Induction over intuitionistic arithmetic

My current interest is in constructivism. Intuitionistic (many-sorted) arithmetic is, in general, thought to be a formal system corresponding to constructive mathematics. However, there are some principles which are not provable in standard intuitionistic arithmetic but constructive in some sense. In this talk, I would talk about the structure of weak fragments of logical principles the relation between them and weak fragments of bar induction. It is intended to discuss the criterion for acceptable principles in constructive mathematics.

Sam Sanders, 15. of Feb 2017: Infinitesimals, klein aber oho! (Shameless propaganda of Nonstandard Analysis)

Infinitesimals are used to date in physics and engineering, and historically in mathematics until the advent of the well-known ‘epsilon delta’ framework pioneered by Weierstrass. In the 60’ies, Abraham Robinson introduced ’Nonstandard Analysis’, a logical framework which accommodates the intuitive infinitesimal calculus. I will provide a historical overview and some shameless propaganda of why everyone (and their dog) should use Nonstandard Analysis.

Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki, 9. of Feb 2017: An introduction to proof mining

A discussion on the fundamental ideas, techniques, possibilities and limitations of proof mining. An example on the extraction of computable and uniform bounds for the fixed point theory of one-parameter nonexpansive semigroups on a subset of a Banach space.

Florian Steinberg, 12. of Jan 2017:
Ulrik Buchholtz, 15. of Dec 2016: Ulrik presented the Cayley-Dickson construction and gave a short glimpse of homotopy type theory.
Thomas Powell, 1. of Dec 2016: Thomas gave a talk about constructing categories inspired by the dialectica translation and relations to linear logic.
Julian Bitterlich , 17. of Nov 2016:
Florian Steinberg , 17. of Aug 2016:
Daniel Körnlein , 13. of Jul 2016: Voting
, 5. of Jun 2016:
Florian Steinberg , 13. of Oct 2015: Weihrauch reductions and classification of operations on analytic functions
Daniel Körnlein , 30. of Sep 2015: On Cat(\kappa)spaces
Florian Steinberg , 7. of Jul 2015: on Arzela-Ascoli lemma
Hugo Férée , 23. of Jun 2015:
Felix Canavoi , 9. of Jun 2015:
Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki , 26. of May 2015: Proof mining for fixed point theory
Florian Steinberg , 12. of May 2015:
Julian Bitterlich , 23. of Apr 2015:
Davorin Lesnik, 30. of Jun 2014: Davorin gave a series of talks about category theory and synthetic topology, from late June 2014 till Winter 2015.
Vassilis Gregoriades , 18. of Jun 2014: The connection between descriptive set theory and computable analysis
Stephan Le Roux, 6. of Jun 2014: Stephan gave a nice introduction into game theory and Nash equilibria.
Yasuyuki Tsukamoto, Julian Bitterlich , 22. of May 2014: Imaginary cubes, Ehrenfeucht-Fraise Games respectively
Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki , 8. of May 2014: Modulus of Accretivity for multi-valued operators in a real Banach space
, 3. of Apr 2014: free discussion
, 6. of Mar 2014: free discussion