The usual procedure

A typical Doktorandentreff has roughly the following procedure. We meet at 6pm in front of the Mathebau. There we decide more or less democratically where to eat dinner. After that we go back to the Mathebau and have the actual presentation.

We are aware that this is an unusual order but think it is good this way as chitchat over a beer previous to the discussion relaxes the atmosphere. In the rare cases where no one has anything to talk about we sometimes part after the meal.

From time to time we will have guest speakers. However, the talks are very different from regular Seminar talks: We encourage heavy interaction with the audience. Here is the guideline we use for the speakers: The content should be such that it can be presented in ten minutes. It should be such that the speaker thinks he will take at most thirty minutes until it is explained in detail and all of the participants have understood. It will usually take one and a half hour anyway.